The nazar family

Edward and Sarah Nazar are the founders of Living Hope Ministries and execute all general operations of the non-profit corporation.  Edward was born and raised in Honduras, which naturally gives him a connection with the Honduran people. Sarah has lived in San Pedro Sula since 2002, a missionary dedicated to serving the nation of Honduras. They have been married for 15 years and are the joyful parents of Elizabeth (9), who is a very integral part of the ministry!

Edward's passions are preaching the Word, serving and helping others in any way he can, and any type of motor vehicle!  Sarah loves teaching the Word, organization/administration, and has recently taken up piano!  Elizabeth enjoys reading, singing, and dance, and has a unique ability to bring joy to any environment!


Iglesia Esperanza Viva (translated as Living Hope Church), is a very integral part of the outreach of Living Hope Ministries in Honduras. Edward and Sarah pioneered and pastor the congregation of Living Hope Church, one big family passionate about being Jesus' hands and feet.  

We believe that the local church is a fundamental part of any ministry outreach.  It is the place where people can weekly come to receive God's Word and grow in their relationship with Him.